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Annotated List of Blumenbach's Correspondence


The annotated list (in German) of letters will provide an overview of Blumenbach's correspondence by identifiying the principal topics, focussing on Blumenbach's scientific work. Biographical information (e.g. on family matters, health, social contacts) and general historical information is reported only if it is the dominant or exclusive content of a letter. 


The main source for the list is the edition of Blumenbach's letters by F. W. P. Dougherty and N. Klatt:

Dougherty, Frank William Peter: The correspondence of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach. Rev., augm. and ed. by Norbert Klatt. Vol. 1–6 (1773–1805). Göttingen: Klatt, 2006–2015. Brosamen zur Blumenbach-Forschung; 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Volume 3 (1786–1790), volume 4 (1791–1795)volume 5 (1796–1800) and volume 6 (1801–1805) are avaible online via the Digital Library of the Göttingen University library and the German National Library.



-> Annoted list of letters for the years 1774–1805 (complete; 1660 letters) and the years 1801–1840 (in progress; ca. 570 letters, among these all letters from and to J. W. von Goethe).



Blumenbach's letter to Georg Forster, 18 March 1789. Uppsala, Universitetsbiblioteket, Waller Ms de00392.