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The project “Johann Friedrich Blumenbach – online” has its main office in the third floor of the northern part of the converted former Ernst-August-Hospital in the historical centre of Göttingen (Geiststraße 10, rooms 3.113, 3.114 and 3.115).


Postal address:


Blumenbach - online
Geiststraße 10
D-37073 Göttingen
Telephone: +49-(0)551-39 2 15 64
Telefax:      +49-(0)551-39 2 15 67  


E-mail: kontakt.blumenbach-online[at]gwdg.de


Post-office box (for large postal items):

Postfach 11 53
D-37001 Göttingen




Image: Ernst-August-Hospital, inaugurated 1850. Lithography by Friedrich Besemann (detail). The Academy of Sciences and Humanities uses the northern part of the building (on the image on the left side). For the history of the building see Akademie heute 2014-1, p. 3.