Johann Friedrich Blumenbach
and the Culture of Science in Europe around 1800

International symposium

Göttingen, 2324 April 2015

Thursday, 23 April 2015
Session 1:
Blumenbach scholarship in the digital age

Session 2:
Scientific collections and material knowledge cultures
Keynote Address:
“Five Skulls that Made Human Taxonomy”
Friday, 24 April 2015
Session 3:
Anthropology and the issue of race

Session 4:
Discourses and narratives
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Thursday, 23 April 2015

09.00–09.30:THOMAS KAUFMANN, Vice-President of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities: Welcome
GERHARD LAUER (Göttingen): Introductory comments

    Session 1: Blumenbach scholarship in the digital age
Chair: HELMUT ROHLFING (Göttingen)
09.3010.00:GERHARD LAUER  (Göttingen): Blumenbach scholarship and digital humanities
10.0010.30:   HEIKO WEBER (Göttingen Academy): ‘Johann Friedrich Blumen­bach – online’: challenges, opportunities, and early results
11.0011.30: ROMAN GÖBEL (Jena): ‘Haeckel correspondence online’
11.3012.00: JOHN VAN WYHE (National Univ. of Singapore): ‘Darwin Online’
12.0012.30:Commentator: PAUL YOUNGMAN (Washington & Lee Univ.)
Session 2: Scientific collections and material knowledge cultures
Chair: JOACHIM REITNER (Göttingen)
13.3014.00: EMMA C. SPARY (Cambridge, UK): The didactic, nationalist and scientific ends of specimens during the French Republic
14.0014.30: MIKE REICH (Bayerische Staatssammlung and LMU München): Blumenbach’s ‘Academic Museum’
14.3015.00: MICHAEL SCHULTZ (Göttingen): The Blumenbach collection of human skulls
15.3016.00:   ROBERT SCHECK (Hannover): The Cook/Forster collection
16.0016.30:DOMINIK HÜNNIGER (Göttingen): Johann Christian Fabricius and the practice of natural history around 1800
16.3017.00:Commentator: MARIO MARINO (Brandenburg Univ. of Technology)
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Keynote Address

Venue: Aula der Universität, Wilhelmsplatz 1
NICOLAAS RUPKE (Washington & Lee Univ./Göttingen): Welcome
“Five Skulls that Made Human Taxonomy”
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Friday, 24 April 2015

Session 3: Anthropology and the issue of race

09.0009.30:RENATO G. MAZZOLINI (Trento): Blumenbach and albinism
09.3010.00:ROBERT J. RICHARDS (Chicago): The Just Measure of Schiller’s Skull: Scaling Humanity in Kant, Blumenbach, Tiedemann, and Carus
10.0010.30:THOMAS JUNKER (Tübingen): Blumenbach’s theory of human races and the natural unity of humankind
11.0011.30:HANS-KONRAD SCHMUTZ (Zürich): Anthropology and slavery from Blumenbach to the American Civil War
11.3012.00:NICOLAAS RUPKE (Washington & Lee Univ./Göttingen): ‘Huxley’s Rule’ and the origins of scientific racism
12.0012.30:Commentator: DEMETRIUS L. EUDELL (Wesleyan Univ./Göttingen)
Session 4: Discourses and narratives
13.3014.00:JOHN ZAMMITO (Rice Univ.): The Rise of Paleontology and the Historicization of Nature: Blumenbach and DeLuc
14.0014.30:PETER HANNS REILL (UCLA): Blumenbach in the Americas: Prince Maximilian Wied-Neuwied’s implementation of Blumenbach’s interpretations of ethnographic research
14.3015.00:Overall Commentator: MARTIN VAN GELDEREN (Göttingen) /
general discussion
15.3017.00:Tour of Conference related locations, e.g., the Ethnological Collection (JENS-MARKUS KOCH, Göttingen) and the Geoscience Museum (ALEXANDER GEHLER, Göttingen)
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Conference venue
Göttingen, Historisches Gebäude der Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek/
Old Library Building,
Seminarraum/ seminar room
Please use the side entrance at Papendiek 14.

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